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Nanjing Yinshi Software Company Limited is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development multimedia communication hardware and software. Especially focus on providing entire multi-networking and low cost multimedia IP communication solution in Power, Hydro, Telecoms, Transportation, Public Security and Household. Yinshi is one of the earliest and leading companies in IP development. Some of the products were successfully used in domestic power enterprise.


As an individual video and security intelligence system software developer and advanced application solution provider. Yinshi has been committed to the field of soft-switching, audio and video codec and processing, intelligent analysis of video content, streaming media, network communications, mass video storage and intelligent retrieval, software engineering, system architecture and other fields of research and development. We have a strong technical Accumulation and wealth of research experience, and have a number of software products with independent intellectual property rights and proprietary core technology.


Soft- switching technology is one of the company's core technologies. It has been adopted by third-party testing organizations test and has been with CISCO, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent, AVAYA and other soft-switch manufacturers achieve interoperability. Self-developed software system has been successfully applied in many fields such as video surveillance systems, multimedia communications, has a very mature technology and as a national power grid "power video surveillance system and the interface” standards in the industry manufacturers. We also provides a strong technical support for the standard


Talent is the core competitiveness of software companies. Yinshi always attached importance to the training, the introduction of team-building and technology. We have a number of high-quality, long-term stability of the product development and customer service teams. More than 80% of our teams have qualified bachelor degrees and more than 30% have master degree and senior technical titles.Yinshi developed high-quality and innovative products and services in order to create maximum customer value based on the information technology background and deep understanding of power industry.


Majority products and serives include:

- Smart Grid Supporting Platform for multi-service communications planning, design, systems integration and engineering services;    

- Centralized control platform for video surveillance planning, design, systems integration and engineering services;

- Multimedia dispatching communication system production, sales and engineering services;

- IP-based digital recording system for the development and engineering services;

- Environmental monitoring system security and power production, sales and engineering services;

- Household SIP network video system software development and production services;

- Soft-witch platform and other value-added services.


Nanjing Yinshi software Company Limited is a dynamic high-tech software companies.